FICA – Alentejo Meat Row Association

Taking as its starting point, the tradition in the fields of animal husbandry and agro-industry in the county and in the region, in particular the importance of the production and processing sectors as well as the existence of quality certified products, that is associated with the presence of the north Region of Alentejo slaugterhouse, it was assumed the need to create synergies between several agents of the sector. By taking advantage of the competitive advantages of the territory in line with the smart specialization strategy advocated for the region, which aims to generate capital gains and increase competitiveness and promote internationalization, generating jobs, it was launched FICA – ALENTEJO MEAT ROW ASSOCIATION.


The Alentejo Meat Row Association aims the valuing and promoting born meat produced and processed in Alentejo, slaughtered in MATSEL – Slaughterhouse of the north region of Alentejo.

In this context, the brand “Triple A – Authentic Alentejo” was created.

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