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how to cut a Presunto

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Natural Breeding, Natural Feeding and Traditional Curing


  • Presunto: product obtained from the pigs´ back legs after the salting and curing process.
  • Jarrete o codillo: : the top part of the calf. In this part, the meat is tougher and fibrous and it offers different flavours. It tends to be used for cutting it into small ham cubes.
  • Maza: it is the juiciest part of the Alentejano ham which has most fat infiltration. The tastiest and most tender meat is obtained from here.
  • Contramaza:  the thinnest part of the ham which is normally most cured.
  • Punta: Very juicy part of the ham where most fat accumulates.
  • Babilla: The bottom. It has got less amount of meat than in the “maza”