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What differences there are in our traditional sausages for the industrial ones?

By 21 Novembro, 2016 Sem categoria No Comments

Like other sectors, the charcuterie has suffered a great evolution in the last few years. There are two factors that have gained more strength in the hour of the purchase: the price and the benefits for health.

Genuine well-made traditional sausages, which is where, we SEL, seek to put, have indeed to be distinguished from the so-called industrial, mass production and homogenized, where the price factor predominates in relation to the quality factor. In these cases, there is a great deal of concern about the yield of the materials used, it is there for used auxiliaries, sometimes even harmful to health, products such as soy and dairy proteins used to retain water and flavor concentrates, In order to reduce breakages and increase profitability, in this cases the consumer is buying water at the price of meat.

I get a little apprehensive when I see certain companies adding soy, milk proteins and starch to Black Pig products.

A customer who buys SEL traditional Sausages, by standard, stay true to the product.

SEL’s bet is on quality and know-how, and of course, the best value for money.

Says, Francisco Arvana, Company Administrator.