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SEL certified according to the standard, International Featured Standard (IFS)

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Dual Certification

A SEL continually invests in the improvement of the quality, environment and food safety management systems to ensure the processes, products and services which, besides complying with the legislation in force, also constitute a model of good prectices within this demanding sector at an international and a guarantee the trust of partners, customers and consumers:

-Quality Management System ISO 9001

-International Featured Standard (IFS)


IFS Food standard is applicable to all organizations that process or handled food, or if there is a potential danger of product contamination during primary packaging.


IFS Food establishes requirements for organizations who wish to differentiate themselves by excellence in quality, food safety and customer satisfaction. This standard is directed to the food industry, especially private label suppliers since it includes several requirements on compliance with customer specifications.


When an organization that manufactures food products has its own logistics service, it can address it through the IFS Food subchapter specific for transport and storage.


Benefits of the IFS Food standard certification include:
  • Certification according to a scheme recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative;
  • Promotion of continuous improvement;
  • Compliance with a requirement to entry the German, French and Italian markets.

Certificação IFS