1. Application of the General Conditions of Sales

The general conditions set out below establish and govern the contractual relationship between any Customer and Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda.

General conditions of sale, fully replace any and all other conditions, except by prior written agreement between both parties.

Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda. expressly disclaims any clause or document presented by the customer, who opposes directly to these general conditions.

The customer legitimize a request undoubtedly accept our terms of sale.

Subject to these conditions, there may be specific conditions attached to the development of the task of selling goods or services, depending on query tables in force.

2. Prices and Terms of Payment

Except typographical errors, prices are valid in Portugal, expressed in Euros and include VAT at the legal rate.

Without prejudice to any agreement that may be entered into by both parties the possible payment terms are as follows:

a) By bank transfer to the account put before it at the time of completion of the bill, the proof of transfer should be sent to comercial.mkt@sel.pt for validation and order shipment.

b) Payment via PayPal for tesouraria@sel.pt account

3. Shipping and delivery time

In the Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda., invoices are the documents establishing the amount of products shipped, while the conveyor guide shows the amount of shipped volumes. In both cases the customer should always confirm the number of volumes and its good condition.

If you notice any damage or apparent violations in volumes, should indicate the fault to the conveyor guide and inform the Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda. For comercial.mkt@sel.pt email. The customer has the right to refuse an order if it is not found in good condition packaging.
Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda. usually dispatches orders to the continent within 2-3 business days, except in cases of unavailability or end of life of a product, in which case the customer is contacted with alternative suggestion or Estimated delivery time.

4. Complaints

You have a period of eight working days to alert Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda. If the products received do not match the invoiced or not allow its full use, extending the deadline for fifteen days in the case of online orders that have been shipped.

The complaint should always be accompanied by a copy of the invoice, discriminating detail the reason , only that shall be accepted, in conjunction with a product if it is presented in perfect condition.

After deadline, Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda. reserves the right to accept or not the Client’s claim by assessing the management.

5. Returns

Any violation of the serial number, labels and packaging make it impossible for the return.

Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda., will in all circumstances that authorize and take back previously, ensuring that all conditions are met, under prejudice or articles are returned to the client with sizes supported by the same.

All returned products must be properly packed and addressed to Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda., With shipping charges incurred by SEL.

6. Resolution of contracts for online sales

Customer making an online purchase, provides a legal contract with Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda., and has a period of 14 days to resolve without any justification (return the product).

Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda., reserves the right to accept the termination of the contract, only if the product is in the same condition it was sent and did not show any signs of tampering or damage to the packaging.

You should contact Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda. To exercise the right of withdrawal, indicate whether you want just to issue a credit note or a refund and also await confirmation of the return, then you can send the product or products to our address. If you want a refund, it will be made by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer.

Salsicharia Estremocense, Lda., reserves the right from time to time to modify certain provisions of the General Conditions whenever this is necessary and appropriate.