We make it together!!

In 1980, Salsicharia Estremocense Ltd started its activity.

We are an innovative company, certified according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2008, which offers selected products of superior quality, such as ensuring safe, healthy balanced diet. Given the entrepreneurial dynamics, we were given the status of PME Leader.

We currently have 120 employees, they have at their disposal the most modern equipment for the exercise of its activity, and about 1,000 customers spread in a radius of 100 km, as well as in the region of Lisbon and Santarém.
SEL pioneered the revival of sausage black pork Alentejo breed, has the highest quality fresh, smoked and frozen products, which distributes throughout the Alto Alentejo and neighboring. With a performance of 1000 tones of fresh and ultra-frozen, 770 tons of smoked with an annual turnover of 10 million Euros.

For the Black Pig, this is fed acorns, having a more succulent meat, tastier and with a more intense flavor. Its fat is rich in oleic acid, containing similar characteristics to the oil. It has nutritional properties and promotes cholesterol lowering.

In the interest of all, the “Taste of Alentejo knowledge “, and all the characteristics of a traditional product, as well as to achieve better quality control duties caused, SEL acquire shares in the Alentejo Regional Slaughterhouse, located in the beautiful village of Sousel, and certified by Lloyd’s according to ISO 9001.

Currently, SEL , holds 28% of The Alentejo Regional Slaughterhouse , also known as MATSEL and is in charge of all the slaughter of pigs.

SEL managed to win the Prize “The Taste of the Year 2008/2010/2012/2016” with its best Pork products.