1/2 Carcaça de Porco Preto

The Benefits

The freedom in which the Iberian Pig is created, feeding especially of tusk, herbs and everything that the field offers them, provides a raw material with special features; being their fat rich in oleic acid with characteristics similar to the olive oil have nutritional properties that promote the reduction of cholesterol; their proteins contribute to the growth and development  of muscular and bone structure. His meat is succulent, tender, with pleasant fragrance, that makes it very tasty and give it an international recognition. The creation of the Iberian Pig, it is currently governed by a portuguese entity,  ANCPA – Associação Nacional dos Criadores do Porco Alentejano (National Association of Iberian Pig Breeders) that in work with the  ACEPA – Agrupamento Complementar de Empresas do Porco Alentejano (Additional Grouping of Iberian Pig Companies), certify them as Iberian Pig, only this animals whose creators meet carefully all the processes of creation required.

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