Best carcasses
Why? we explain…
The Selected calf SEL is distinguished by the quality of their meat, for their strong muscular development and excellent performance in marketable lean meat.
-Productivity of carcass superior to 65%
-75% of muscle compared to carcass weight
-Low Fat: muscle / fat ratio = 7
-Bone Thickness: muscle / bone ratio = 4.7
-Configuration of Calves: 75% classified as E or U
Within the same conditions experienced by 100kg live weight, Selected calf SEL provides 53kg of meat, 4 to 7 kg more than others. The breakdown of marketable, is more profitable with higher percentage of prime cuts, particularly in the hindquarters and the back line, where they are located.
The meat of Selected Calf SEL is a thin and balanced meat, exceptionally tender and juicy.
Thanks to these qualities and being from race Limousin and Aberdeen Angus breed animals, our meet has gotten many commendations from our customers.
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